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How do we protect workers rights?

As the headlines have shown time and again, the rights of workers, from equitable working conditions to fair pay and safe environments, are not universally observed. Choosing to buy exclusively from brands who proactively protect the human rights of the makers along their supply chains is the only way to ensure that you are not an unknowing participant in worker exploitation.

The Challenge

The rise of fast fashion and the recent pandemic have exacerbated the social responsibility challenges surrounding unpredictable production cycles. The pressure to reduce prices and the reality of irregular or cancelled orders, pushes suppliers to work their employees harder and for less pay, without even the promise of regular income.

The Goal

Through regular assessment of our brand partners’ social responsibility performance and progress, Toward will ensure that any products we stock are produced under fair working conditions, with respect for the makers and their human rights. This is a compulsory requirement of partnering with Toward. 

Toward’s Approach

Toward and our brand partners are committed to:


Respecting the rights of makers and taking action to prevent modern slavery from occurring in our brand partners’ supply chains.


Proactively encouraging diversity of backgrounds and communities at every level of our businesses.

Symbols to Search By

Locally Produced

Product is manufactured within 200 miles of headquarters or distribution center, lowering supplier emissions, creating local jobs and ensuring working conditions and wages are fair.

Minority Owned

At least 51% owned and operated by one or more people from underrepresented groups including ethnic/gender minorities and those with disabilities.

Socially Responsible Practices

Commitment to fair terms of trade and advancing the human rights of workers, in line with core ILO and UN Conventions and the Fairtrade Textile Standard.  

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