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What is Water Management?

The biggest lapses in responsibility in fashion supply chains are related to waste water and chemical disposal. Reducing water use and putting a stop to harmful pollution entering water sources is one of the industry’s major, and most pressing, challenges.

The Challenge

Water crises are one of the top 10 risks to society in the world. Two billion people live in countries exposed to high water stress, and more than 3.6 billion people – a figure that rises by approximately 110,000 each day – live in water-scarce areas. Managing our water use responsibly must be a top priority, for individuals and entire industries.

The Goal

The immediate aim is not just for companies to reduce water waste and eliminate the introduction of harmful pollution to water sources, but also, wherever possible, to support the communities whose water resources have been impacted by their work.

Toward’s Approach

Through our regular assessment of brands’ progress, Toward aims to identify challenges and opportunities for better water management across fashion and beauty supply chains.

Toward and our brand partners are committed to:


Setting individual targets for improvement where required.


Sourcing responsibly produced cotton that complies with international standards, such as Fairtrade certification or the Better Cotton Initiative.


Using production sites that recycle or reuse effluent water from processing, and working with producers who reduce water use from dyeing, stone-washing and finishing processes.


Providing clear post-purchase guidelines for how consumers can reduce water use whilst caring for their garments.

Symbols to Search By

Saving Water

Protecting water sources and preventing water pollution along the supply chain.

Environmentally Friendly Dye

All dyes are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals. The dying process itself is water-efficient and treats waste effluents.

Plastic Free

Contains no microbeads or microplastic additives, in line with the Look for the Zero initiative.

100% Natural Ingredients

Formula contains 100% natural ingredients, using the definition and classification determined by NATRUE.

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