Our Standards 

Toward is a company that won’t make you compromise.

Instead, we will provide both luxurious and sustainable products that will easily slip into your wardrobe and become timeless pieces you will wear for years to come. 

Our ethics will never be compromised in order to chase trends as well because we are aiming for something bigger: a fashion revolution. 

That’s why we promise that every brand in our shop creates high-quality clothing with care and sustainability in mind.

Toward will not only support luxury products from brands you may know, but we will introduce you to new and innovative companies as well. This will make sustainable shopping easy and give you the chance to discover new luxury brands to love. 

Join our sustainability revolution and learn what real luxury fashion feels like (we’ll give you a hint — it’s amazing). 


Our Brands are Leaders in Sustainable Fashion

Every brand highlighted on Toward is a leader in fashion sustainability. Moreover, we regularly review their latest policies and initiatives to ensure they are always taking steps forward toward incredibly sustainable fashion. 

Their changes must work towards at least one of our three sustainability pillars: supporting workers and local communities, preserving the planet, and protecting animals.

Here's a transparent look at how we review our sustainable fashion partners. 



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