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About Us

Toward’s purpose is simple. We want to make it easy for everyone, everywhere to shop responsibly, without sacrificing style or quality. 

our value

A better way to shop

Fashion and beauty brands are beginning to make better, more informed choices when it comes to how they design, make, package and distribute their luxury products, and Toward is here to give you a trustworthy space to discover those creations. To give you a stylish edit of cutting-edge collections, perennial wardrobe essentials and genius, use-until-the-last-drop beauty buys, that you know without any doubt, have been made according to high standards of environmental, social and ethical responsibility.

it's more than verbage

Why Responsibility rather than Sustainability?

Sustainable fashion is an undefined term that is now used – and mostly misused – freely. What makes an item ‘sustainable’ is open to interpretation, so you have to be prepared to do some extensive research, and be pretty knowledgable about every element of the supply chain and varying international standards and certification bodies if you want to be sure that your new shirt is as harmless as its makers claim. With Toward, you can be certain that every piece you purchase has been created  responsibly. Here’s why.

the gold standard

At Toward we have high standards, and we’re proud of them

We stick by them, even if it means we lose out on stocking a brand we love, or have to wait until a great label meets our responsibility requirements. We assess all our partners against 9 areas of focus – Transparency, Emissions, Materials, Waste & Chemicals, Workers Rights, Water Management, Animal Welfare, Biodiversity & Forestry and Ethos – compiling detailed reports and sharing recommendations for future improvements. When you are looking for a jacket worthy of a spot in your capsule wardrobe, or a cleanser that cares for the planet as effectively as it nurtures your skin, search by Toward’s comprehensive responsibility symbols to make an informed choice. 

Our Promise

MOVING the industry forward

We believe that education and innovation will enable even more progress, so as well as simplifying your shopping experience, Toward will continue pushing for greater accountability, technological innovation and higher ethical standards throughout the luxury industry. We’re committed to educating our collaborators, our consumers and our competitors, and to continuing to research and improve ourselves. We know that providing this platform will support brands and individuals in their responsibility journeys, sharing resources that can greatly reduce the impact our love of great fashion and beauty has on our planet and the people who make them.

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