Inside RMS Beauty: The Forward-Thinking Brand Redefining Cosmetics

Environmentally friendly make-up used to be thought of as wishy-washy and fast fading. Then, make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift came along and shook up everything beauty thought it knew about colour cosmetics.

Using raw, food-grade, organic and wildcrafted ingredients as close to their natural state as possible, RMS beauty’s silky formulas and stunning pigments have had A-listers, press, MUAs and customers hooked since 2009. RMS founder Rose-Marie reveals the story behind the brand... 

How did RMS Beauty begin?

I worked as a makeup artist for some of the biggest names and faces in fashion for 35 years. I learned so, so much about the impact of daily exposure to chemicals on the body and realised that women need skincare and colour cosmetics that are as pure and non-toxic as possible.

In 2004 I created a website called to highlight some of the questionable ingredients used in beauty products  and expose the myths surrounding the cosmetics industry.

Then, in 2009, I created RMS beauty. It was the first truly organic cosmetic line out there that combined healthy ingredients with unparalleled luxury.

Describe RMS beauty in three words…

Uncomplicated, elegant and forward-thinking.

For people who have never tried your products, what are they missing out on?

When I created RMS Beauty, I was not focused on being the most successful brand out there, but I wanted to create a brand with integrity. After many years in the fashion and makeup industry, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t live up to the promise. I see the results of taking a quick-fix approach to looking good. RMS beauty is the first makeup of its kind to really live up to the word ‘organic’. It is becoming both an inspiration for- and an example of a new direction the beauty industry is taking.

Talk to us about your hero product and why you can't live without it?

Hands down my hero product is the Living Luminizer. Nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to it for a dewy, light-reflecting glow.

Use it to highlight wherever the face is elevated… cheek bones, the brow bone, the centre of the eyelid (just above the lashes), the cupid's bow and down the bridge of the nose. For the evening it can also be added to the shoulders and along the collar bones.

Where are your products made and where do you source your ingredients?

We produce everything predominantly in the US and a few items in Italy and, soon, Korea. Ingredients are EVERYTHING to me so I like to work shoulder-to-shoulder with the labs to source raw materials that are not only appropriate for the skin but that will also maintain their purity. So many formulas in ‘clean’ beauty can go rancid quickly... I’ve spent decades researching this very topic.

I’m treating my bestie to some self-care essentials; what would you suggest I send them from your stash and why?

The beauty oil is an incredible gift and the ultimate in self-care. Or the Living Luminizer... it's what started it all and people love to give a gift that glows!

What can we expect to see next from you?

Lots of products are launching very soon that I think will surprise people.  We want to make sustainability both smart and advantageous to the consumer.

Editor's pick:

Tinted Daily Lip Balm, $20

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