"Nature-centric, Rainforest-grown, Powerful" – Inside The Luxe Beauty Brand Rahua

Rahua is one of those responsible beauty brands that editors love. Really love. From the dreamy scents to the incredible textures, the products are so much more than eco: they’re truly efficacious and wonderfully luxurious.

An unusual start-up, Rahua was born out of an environmental mission to raise awareness of the Amazon Rainforest. Here, co-founder Anna Ayers talks ingredients, her hero products and what’s next from the brand the beauty journos swear by... 

How did Rahua get started?

We – my business partner Fabian Lliguin and I – were working together to build awareness about the Amazon Rainforest: the importance of protecting it, the indigenous people that live there, and their wisdom of the ecosystem. It was on one of our Amazon adventures that Fabian met the women of the Quechua-Shuar tribe and noticed that they all had breathtakingly lustrous hair. We learnt about the ancient secret that is Rahua oil from them

So now we partner directly with the indigenous tribes to harvest rainforest-grown Rahua seeds and other potent botanical ingredients for our organic beauty brand. In doing so, we have been able to help tribal communities in establishing self-sustaining economies that support the longevity of their culture.

Describe Rahua in three words...

Nature-centric, rainforest-grown, powerful.

For people who have never tried your products, what are they missing out on? 

An uplifting, beautifying experience that connects you to nature… the refreshing scents, the light lather, the wonderful smoothness of your hair when your Rahua ritual is complete. 

How are you making waves in the world of sustainability? 

By buying one bottle of Rahua, one acre of the Amazon Rainforest will be preserved, annually. We have partnered with the non-profit organisation EcoAgents, whose sole purpose is to protect the Amazon Rainforest. It plays such a critical role in tackling climate change… it really is a vital hub of biodiversity – and the home of so many plant and animal species that have yet to be discovered. 

Think of the vast ancestral wisdom the local tribes hold and their understanding of the ecosystem... it’s all rapidly disappearing from our modern world, along with the hidden secrets and potential medicines growing within the forests too.

Rahua X EcoAgents is preserving around 100,000 acres of pristine jungle in the Amazon every year, and we’ve also established the Pink Flamingo Project in the Galapagos Islands with 10% of proceeds from the Enchanted Island™ line of Rahua products going towards supporting the local economy and environment. 

Talk to us about your hero product and why can’t we live without it? 

Our Legendary Amazon Oil: the exclusive Rahua blend uses light-as-air plant and flower oils – not silicones – to give a beautifully smooth, shiny, anti-frizz finish. We use rahua, sacha inchi, and morete oils harvested in the Amazon to help heal and strengthen your hair. It’s a powerful, natural, way to banish flyaways and promote shine. And it’s remarkably revitalising, too.

Where are your products made and where do you source your ingredients? 

Our products are all hand-harvested and come with a Symbiotic® Certification. This means ingredients are grown in the wild and products are handmade by indigenous tribal communities using traditional methods. 

The stringent rules and regulations are uniquely aimed at preserving the existence of healthy forests and ancient cultures. 

I’m treating my bestie to some self-care essentials; what would you suggest I send them from your stash? 

Depending on their hair type, I would recommend starting with one of our Essential Hair Care Sets – there’s everything in there they need to get going. 

What can we expect to see next from you? 

Our latest launch is Rahua’s Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo. Scalp care is, essentially, skincare and this perfectly formulated scalp scrub has been created to boost circulation and nurture the scalp’s microbiome. It also cleanses and purifies hair too. It’s formulated with the crushed seeds of star anise – a natural alternative to microbeads.

Editor’s pick: Rahua Color Full Shampoo, $38

Even when you’re in dire need of a dye job, this keeps your colour looking fresh and glossy. It smells beautiful too. 



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